the rules aren’t the same here
time flows in chaotic eddies
the same actions don’t produce the same results
particles slip out of existence and never return
personalities warp or crack around the edges

naked, she beats the pillow against the wall
one, two, three, four, five
methodically, savagely, her breath getting short and hard
six, seven, eight, nine, ten

I was awakened to ecstasy by the deepest pain
A walnut cracked open glowing along its broken seams
My fingers split open into the petals of flowers
Stained with pollen inside

I couldn’t put myself back together if I tried

Is it an invitation?
Is it an inspiriation?
What will we become if we aren’t consumed in flames?

Burning is creation
Unwanted parts are taken
This time we really feel it
but there is beauty in the path

Hands are for carrying
hearts are for holding
I’m not one for marrying
but I will die by your side